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I’ve never had good luck. I’ve never met a guy who made me feel special, who didn’t expect sex from me. For the first time, I thought I’d finally found somebody to love me. This wasn’t like all the other times when I just had sex with guys because I thought it’d make them like me, and I thought it’d make me feel good. I knew they all used me for sex, and I seemed okay with that, but really I was trying to find a way to fill the empty void within my chest. I really have never been the lucky one, which is why I’m so confused… Why doesn’t he want to have sex with me? Why does he say he wants to wait? I’m getting rather worried now. I’ve just finished crying and I’ve left him a message, I told him I don’t think we should see each other any more and that maybe it’s for the best. But I’m scared. I really like him, and the truth is, I don’t want to be hurt by him.

Its like my life has become a cliche novel with the main theme being about unrequited love
…haha, this sucks :)

I’ve fallen in love with a fucking jerk. God, help me…

Sometimes I feel like I’ll never experience a long, happy and healthy relationship with someone romantically. It’s almost as if I am stuck with some sort of curse that prevents me from doing so. I know better than to think that, though. I know that, I myself am the reason stopping me. I could probably be, and mean something more to some one, other than being a one-night stand. I could be the girl that is loved, held and cherished. Instead, I am the girl that is touched, held and fucked until the guy is finished with me, or bored. It’s like a never-ending loop, and I’m stuck in it…

i wish someone would say this to me, but when anyone sees my cuts or scars, they freak out and think i’m gross.. :/



hey, i'm 18, from england, i smoke too many cigarettes, don't sleep enough, my mind is full of thoughts (which aren't always good) i love too much and get easily attatched. talk to me.

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